July 26, 2021

Affordable & Fun Family Outings

family fun outdoors Sometimes it can feel like everything that’s fun to do costs a fortune. While it’s true that prices have gone up for many activities, it’s not too hard to find fun and inexpensive — and even free — outings for the family if you know where to look. Check out some of these suggestions and fill up your calendar with entertaining things to do.

1. What’s happening at the library?
Think libraries are just for checking out books? Think again. Ask for a copy of the schedule, and see what programs the library has lined up. Many libraries feature plenty of free activities for kids, including musical performances, readings by authors, small plays from local troupes, and arts and crafts projects.

2. Check for free or discounted days at local museums.
Often children’s museums, art museums and science museums have certain days of the month reserved as free or discounted admission days. You can find this information by visiting their websites or even calling.

3. Join a local parenting group.
Many areas have parenting groups available through sites like Meetup.com. Some groups may require you to pay dues to join, but the dues are usually low, and the benefits you will receive in return are well worth it. Because groups like these can purchase tickets to events in bulk, you can get good deals on events you might not otherwise be able to afford. Plus, active groups will have fun activities and events posted that you and your kids can join in on for free.

4. Check your local community center.
Community centers usually have activities available for families ranging from free movie nights to arts and crafts projects to inexpensive classes and tours. Get the schedule online or through the center, and look for fun events your family will enjoy.

5. Don’t forget your local parks and playgrounds.
You might not think they are all that exciting, but trips to the playground are always special events for your kids, and they don’t cost a dime. Not only will your kids benefit from the exercise, you will be happy when they wear themselves out and sleep well at night.