August 15, 2022

10 Types of Toys for Toddlers

Choosing toys for toddlers is exciting, but it can sometimes be a little overwhelming. Should you look for toys designed to help your child learn? Should you just focus on toys that are fun to play with? Many of the best toys for toddlers are a mixture of both. If you are looking for a gift for a toddler, check out this list for some ideal options.

1. Shape sorters

Shape sorters help toddler’s master fine motor skills, relational skills and the concept of shapes. Play with your child, and ask questions like “What shape is this?” and “Where did the triangle go?” to help develop these skills.

2. Riding toys

Although the idea of making your toddler more mobile might make you cringe, these toys are actually great for helping develop large motor skills and coordination.

3. Stuffed animals

Stuffed animals are cute and cuddly and can also help your child develop a sense of empathy. Additionally, they help stimulate the imagination. You probably remember your own favorite stuffed animal from when you were a child.

4. Blocks

All types of building blocks are wonderful for developing fine motor skills. Most toddlers will also enjoy the activity of destroying that follows building, which actually helps teach causation.

5. Nesting cups

Not only do these help your toddler develop spatial reasoning as they get stacked and lined up, they can also be used in the tub or in a sand tray to help develop sensory skills.

6. Books

Books are phenomenal for every age, even toddlers. Choose books with simple language, rhymes and colorful pictures. Look for board books or books with different textures to help your child really explore. Take time to read to your toddler every day.

7. Crayons

Thick chunky crayons are fun for toddlers to experiment with. Ooh and aah over their masterpieces as they have fun and develop fine motor skills.

8. Balls

Balls are a great outdoor toy and help your toddler develop large motor skills. Toddlers can chase after balls, and can learn to kick them and even catch them if they are gently tossed.

9. Puzzles

Puzzles with large, sturdy pieces will help your toddler develop fine motor skills and spatial reasoning.

10. Push toys

Toys that your child can push and pull — toy lawnmowers, shopping carts and other items — help your child build large motor skills and will also help develop your toddler’s sense of balance and coordination.